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Both St. Mary's and Sacred Heart thrive through donations from our generous parishioners. Donations can be in the form of offertory collections, mass intentions, memorials, and special fundraising.

Mass Intentions

Mass may be offered for a particular intention, such as the repose of the soul of a beloved friend or family member who has died. Mass Intentions are printed in our weekly bulletin. You may request a card or spiritual bouquet along with your Mass Intention.

Suggested Offering:
Mass Intention w/card at St. Mary's $10
Mass Intention w/card at Sacred Heart $10
Spiritual Bouquet at St. Mary's $5
Spiritual Bouquet at Sacred Heart $5


Memorials may be offered through candles (Sanctuary and Easter), bread and wine, vestments, etc. in the name of loved ones.

Suggested Offering:
Bread and Wine Monthly at St. Mary's $50
Bread and Wine Weekly at Sacred Heart $25
Easter Sanctuary Annual Candle at St. Mary's $300
Easter Sanctuary Annual Candle at Sacred Heart $300
Sanctuary Light Weekly at St. Mary's $25
Sanctuary Light Weekly at Sacred Heart $10
Vestments vary and are posted in our bulletin when available.

WeShare - formerly ParishPay


Both St. Mary's and Sacred Heart may use WeShare to make monthly contributions via online services, in lieu of using the envelope system or placing your offering in the basket at Mass. With ParishPay you may also donate to the special Collections throughout the month, Clergy Collections, and our annual Grand Annual Collection.

Visit ParishPay at to sign up. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about WeShare in General:

What payment methods are accepted?

ParishPay accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and the Discover Card. ParishPay also processes debits from checking accounts, savings accounts or any other account such as a money market or brokerage account.

How do I enroll with WeShare?

You do it yourself online:  You may simply visit  and locate St. Mary’s Church or Sacred Heart Church and complete the enrollment form.

Do I still need to use the envelope system?

No. Once you are enrolled in WeShare, you no longer need to receive the standard envelopes. However, if you wish to contribute different amounts to the various “second” collections, you will need to continue to receive the envelopes until the WeShare system has been upgraded. In that case, you may discard the regular weekly envelopes.

How should I calculate my monthly contribution?

The parish is grateful for whatever amount you contribute. But if you wish to continue to contribute the same under WeShare as you have been doing by placing your offering in the basket at Mass, you should remember that your WeShare contribution will be made monthly and that there are more than four Sundays in some months. So, please take that into consideration as you decide how much to specify to WeShare. One approach may be to multiply your standard weekly contribution by 52 to get a yearly total and then divide that amount by 12 to convert it into a monthly amount.

I want to administer my account myself on their web site, but what if I forget my PIN?

As you will see when you establish your account with WeShare, you will be able to specify an alternate log in name and password. You may use that instead. Once logged in, you may change your PIN. Or, if you are unable to log in at all, you may send an e-mail to and they will respond within 24 hours.

I will feel uncomfortable not putting anything in the Offertory basket each Sunday.

No problem. Even though WeShare no longer provides a “Donation Slip”, we have come up with Slips for those who feel more comfortable putting something in the basket each week.  You may click on the below PDF to view, download, or print out Donation Slips.  Please contact the Collaborative Office if you need assistance, 781-598-4907 or

ParishPay Donation Slips

The above are only a few FAQs. Please visit ParishPay FAQs page on their website at to see all of the Questions and Answers.

Thank you for your continued generosity!


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