Pastor's Letter

Pastor's Column in the December 28 Bulletin


Fr. Brian, Fr. Tamiru, Fr. Frank, Deacon Tim, Deacon Dick, Deacon John and the entire staff at St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart wish to thank all who have helped out during this Advent and Christmas Season. Many thanks to those who cleaned and decorated, the youngsters who served, our choirs and cantors. We are very grateful for those who worked so hard to present such a beautiful pageant on Christmas Eve and to Chris, Betty, Martine, parents and teachers who worked with the children to prepare them so well.

Thanks to those who greet, collect, and serve as lectors and Eucharistic ministers. Your ministry is most appreciated throughout the year and not just during our Christmas Celebrations.

And finally thanks to the men and women of the food pantry and Advent Giving Tree program who helped to bring the love of Christ to the needy in our community.

All of us, working together, helped to make this a very special Christmas for St. Mary and Sacred Heart and for the greater Lynn Community.

Fr. Brian


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